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世博公園的設計在有限制的條件下,利用先進的各種處理方法和手段,強調環境的自然生態性,強調城市整個周期內要減少資源能源的消耗和降低環境污染,強調減弱人對自然的互相沖突,利用環境的和諧增強人與人之間溝通交流。為2010上海世博會的精彩劃下最無私的一筆,生動地詮釋了城市讓生活更美好的真實含義。其中生態新技術在公園里的運用更能體現人性化服務上的亮點。 The Expo Park design deals with urban environment strict limitations by using a wide variety of technologically advanced treatments. Moreover, it emphasizes the ecological potential of the site; it gets into the city’s life cycle in order to reduce the consumption of resources and energy; it tries to reduce social conflicts using an harmonious environment, able to enhance communication among people.
For the 2010 Shanghai World Expo the park will show a vivid and dramatic interpretation of what’s Better City Better Life means. A new concept of eco-park, where user-friendly technologies are at people’s disposal.

1、引風廊降溫 Blower cooling Gallery

1. The trees and the Huangpu River fan-shaped vertical array are not just instruments for constructing the park’s landscape. Besides they create natural corridors, able to convey wind inside the park: the cool, clean air will help relieving the summer heat. The same corridors will provide comfortable -and cooled- viewing points for visitors.

2、霧噴降溫技術 Fog spray cooling technology
公園在展會期間將會為參觀者提供一個舒適、蔭涼的休憩場所,實施目標是將公園溫度降低 3-5度。結合公園的總體布局設置霧噴系統,在炎熱的氣候除了大大降低空氣的溫度外將會起到控濕、除塵、改善微環境的作用。
2. During the exhibition, visitors will be provided a comfortable, shady place to rest, where temperature will be 3 – 5 degrees lower than in the surrounding areas. Setting the fog spray devices for cooling all over the park will reduce hot air temperature during summer and will control humidity and dust. A general improvement through a micro-environmental action!

3、透水地坪 Permeable materials

3.The use of new performing permeable materials as pavement for roads and pedestrian paths will help maintaining soil moisture, surface vegetation and soil microorganisms, in order to improve the general living conditions. Absorbing heat and regulating temperature and humidity, it will keep under control local space micro-climate, contributing at the same time in contrasting the urban heat island effect.

4、生態水凈化 Ecological water clean

4. Water for irrigation and landscaping will be taken directly from the river, which has been cleaned by the biological purification system, and then through the water purification system of the park, it will be used for the entire site.

5、耐踐踏草坪 Trample-resistant lawns

5. In order to resist at the extreme flow of people expected during the Shanghai World Expo (up to 80000 people a day), lawns in the main spots of the park will be reinforced by trampling resistant technologies. Over the whole period of the exposition, researches will be carried out about the grass seed mixtures, the soil treatments and the lawns maintenance strategies, to make it a outstanding model in landscape environment.

6、消隱的防汛墻 Blanking of the flood prevention wall

6. In conformity to the flood control standards, the flooding walls are built with different dimensions, depending the time they are supposed to stand against floods – 20 years, 100 years or 1000years. In according to the design, at the top of the floodwalls will be constructed a waterfront platform. The four levels terrace ensures visitor to admire the tidal changes of the Huangpu River twice a day, without any worries about their safety.

7、休閑座椅 Leisure chairs

7. The enormous amount of people visiting the park during the Expo Show makes the large number of leisure chairs casually set up in the park maximizes the human design.

8、立體綠化 屋頂景觀上人綠化 Roof Green

8. Plants on green roofs significantly reduce the energy consumption of buildings, through evaporation and transpiration. By the way, the aim to regulate indoor temperature for buildings will carry on a larger effect, reducing the global temperature of the park. Green facilities and services will make roofs attractive, enabling people to stay and to spend time in open air platforms.

9、生態建筑材料 Ecological Building Materials

9. In the Expo Park, you will see no blocks of granite stone! With the green at the base of our design philosophy, in our project will be used non-polluting and non-radioactive eco-materials, to ensure environmental protection and to protect human health.

10、土壤修復及植物洗塵降溫 Soil remediation and plant cooling

10. Since the area of the park was used to collect urban garbage, the soil is now very alkaline and contains an high percentage of metal; consequently, there have chosen compatible resistant plants, able by the way to enhance the quality of soil. The wide variety of plants will carry out an air cooling effect as well.

Painted on a fan at ink --- The design philosophy is, as far as possible, to recreate on the river shores a simulation of the original "Beach"; in order to do this, all kinds of plants are showing a feeling of natural growth. In such a seemingly random layout, every green area, every road and every architectural element is actually forming a complete and precise system.
River side of the existing high flood control wall will be hidden and will "disappear".


景點一:“和興魅影”"He Xing old Shadow"
Located in the eastern end of the Expo Park, this old warehouse from 1930’s, has been renovated to show the enormous changes the industry underwent during the last century.
景點二:“扇林風廊”"Fan Forests and Wind Gallery"
The framework of tree arrows takes inspiration from the Chinese folding fan. These trees are neatly arranged in the north-south direction, which is conducive to air convection and purification.
景點三:“地景建筑”Landscape Architecturer"
In order to avoid an excessive influence of constructions on land and the covering of a wide part of the ground, landscape and architecture are combined together; a spacious two-story viewing platform will offer visitors a view of the river toward north and of the unique landscape scenery toward south.
景點四:“跌水細溪”“Or water Hosotani”
At the east side of the Lupu Bridge, that leads to the World Expo Park area, a large water system, featuring vivid water elements and natural waterfalls, in combination with the use of abundant aquatic vegetation, will give visitors a fresh and natural feeling.
景點五:“江畔塔影”"Crane Wharf"
The project preserves the remains of an old industrial pier along the river. The retention and renovation of two industrial cranes adds a deep cultural and historical significance to the park. After the transformation, the Crane Square, in between the two structures, will offer visitors a platform to enjoy the view and to spend time in the open air.
景點六“飛弧橋 ” "Air-arc Bridge"
The "Air Arc Bridge" is located in the central part of the Expo Park; passing across the water landscape, it is a direct access to the Huangpu River. The bridge architecture is sleek, bright, like a rainbow after the rain. Climbing up the steps, visitors’ visual field will gradually open, till offering a magnificent panoramic view of the Huangpu River and the Lupu Bridge.
景點七:“近望彩虹”"Over the last hope Rainbow"
Another Expo Park important attraction is the retained industrial wharf overlooking the Lupu Bridge direction. From here, you can have the best view of the river, when night falls down and the bridge appears as a colorful rainbow shining over the water.
景點八:“生態溪流 "Eco-stream"
Designed as a green water system, this part of the park will offer visitors natural-like spaces, created through an abundant configuration of aquatic plants. Adjoining to the Baoshan Steel Corporation pavilion, it will provide visitors a place to stop and rest.
景點九:“盧浦倒影”"Lupu Reflection"
Used in all public buildings where the vertical green facade, creating a three-dimensional green space,a natural wetland Park named water mirror located on the northeast side of the building. Lupu Bridge, has his reflection of a majestic posture in the water, where visitors can enjoy such a wonderful pleasant phase.
景點十:“江灘杉林” "Marshland firs "
A fir forest is linking the North-South Corridor line of sight to create a powerful shock of the spatial patterns, and the fog spray will make it a dream-like experience for visitors during the exhibition period.

“灘”"River Trace"
“和興魅影”"He Xing old Shadow"
“景觀水系”"River Landscape"
“地景建筑” "Landscape Architecture"
“飛弧橋 ”"Arcing bridge "
“湖映盧浦” "Lupu Reflection"
“近望彩虹”"Viewing Old Pier"
“飛弧橋 ”"Arcing bridge "
“江灘杉林”" Marshland firs "
“江畔塔影” "Crane Wharf"
“扇林風廊” "woodland Lawn"

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